These tipis are part of a private collection honoring the Native Americans.

Painted Tipis
I always loved painting "big" paintings - but never did I expect to paint 18 foot tipis.   What a fabulous experience.
The tribes represented (left to right)
Apache, Sioux, and Commance

Original tipis were made of buffalo hides and were semi transparent.

  In keeping with authenticity, my plan for the base paint was to apply the "canvas colored" paint directly to the tipi canvases to look like these current day tipis were made from buffalo hides once they were eluminated.  

When tipis were originally inhablited, the fires made by the Native Americans eluminated the tipis from within at night.

Apache tipi initial sketchSioux tipi intial sketchComanche tipi initial sketchMeasuring the layout on tipi 3Applying paint to the final design on tipi 2Placing the symbols on tipi 3Laying out the base sketch for the buffalo headUnder painting for the buffalo headShowing you the size of the buffalo headTipi 1 is finishedTipi 3 is in the final stagesTipi 1 going up - note the size of the gentleman on the sides setting up the tipi.
The above slide show has the initial layout sketches for the 3 tipis, me sketching out the tipis and tipi number 1 being set up.  The tipis measure 18 feet.    It was an awesome project and I cherish the experience.